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Wet room kits for each bathroom

Wet room kits for each bathroom

A shower without a shower tray is an increasingly popular solution not only in modern homes. It’s interesting, because the water flies, but does not flow into the bathroom. It clarified below how to make wet room kits shower. Many bathrooms will not fit a standard bathtub. The solution is a shower tray. The latest solution is a shower without shower tray.

Cabin walk-in, or what it is

Walk-in showers are open booths that do not cut the shower space from the rest of the room. Such solutions improve the comfort of using the bathroom, and at the same time reduce the claustrophobicity of small bathrooms.

What is a linear drain?

A linear drain is nothing more than a gutter built into the floor covered with a masking frame that forms a line on the shower floor. The gutter has the shape of a channel (channel) in which water is collected, which is then directed to the outflow. The gutter is covered with a masking frame (also known as grate, grill, bar), which is the only outflow element visible to the eye. For this reason, manufacturers of wet room kits offer an infinite number of designs of masks from which we can choose something for themselves.

Can water pour directly onto the floor?

With the use of appropriate security measures and professional assembly of devices – as much as possible! Installation of a shower tray is certainly a simpler solution. However, this does not necessarily mean that the installation of a linear drain is difficult. With the use of appropriate solutions and compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, assembly is an ordinary construction work. When designing a bathroom without a shower tray, we must remember about proper insulation of the ground, preparing the floor slope towards the drain and securing the cabin or door separating the shower from the rest of the room.

Why linear drain?

A modern look is not the only advantage of a linear outflow in relation to its older brother, a shower tray. First of all, using this solution we operate on one plane, eliminating the need to overcome obstacles such as a high shower tray. This is especially important when bathroom users are seniors, and when the room is not too big.

Another advantage is the optical change of space. When using a linear drain, we usually use one pattern or glaze project in the shower. In combination with glass doors, the whole gives the impression of space and depth, as opposed to a closed, heavy shower body mounted on a shower tray. Let us also add that regardless of the color of the glaze or bathroom decor, the most common shower trays are only available in white.


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