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How to remove impurities from shower drain?

How to remove impurities from shower drain?

The shower drains are constantly clogged, the water does not want to drain, and the pipes get a nasty odor. This is the most common home fault. To deal with this problem we do not need expensive chemical agents at all.

Different ways to clog the shower drain

Try to tear it off with a plain rubber trimmer. During pumping, a pressure is produced which pushes the congestion. Lubricate the drainage with a greasy substance, such as cream or Vaseline, before use. Place the pusher on the drain and press down. Then pour the water up to the level above the rubber cap and the overflow drain plugs with your other hand. We can now pump heavily. The pressure should push the congestion.

Look in the kitchen for baking soda. Dry the drain and pour a glass of baking soda into it. Wait 15 minutes and fill the kettle with hot water. Another idea is to mix vinegar and baking soda in 3: 1 ratio. Immediately pour into the drain before it begins to „foam”. Wait 15 minutes and fill with boiling water kettle.

Chemical cleansers for shower drains

Another popular way to remove congestion from the shower drain is to use chemicals that dissolve accumulated dirt. The granule, powder, liquid or gel formulation is poured or poured into the drain, wait for the time specified in the instructions for use on the packaging and then rinse with hot water. However, caustic detergents should not be used too often, because of their harmfulness to the environment, and therefore for ourselves. We always use them only in rubber gloves and we avoid inhaling vapors.

If none of these methods work, it means that the congestion lies deeper in the pipes. Then, before we call the plumber, we can try to clean the pipes ourself with a hydraulic spring, a special pipe cleaning spiral. We dismantle the drain, place the spring in the tube and rotate the crank until the whole spring is in place. Pull the spring, and turning the crank in the opposite direction.

If this method fails, there is nothing else to call the plumber.

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