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A shower without a tray

A shower without a tray

A shower enclosure without a shower tray is currently a more and more willingly used trend in furnishing bathrooms. Is it free of defects? What are the advantages? We present the pros and cons of this solution.

The advantages of a shower with a linear drainage

Showers without shower tray is an aesthetic option, adding class, simplicity and character to the bathroom. In the shower with a wall drain, only the masking plate and the narrow gap through which water flows out are noticeable, while in models with a drain in the floor we can mount grilles or grates of single-layer, almost imperceptible glass, which perfectly harmonizes with tiles or other finishing elements. The walls can also be partly of a different material, e.g. a half wall, which can serve as an additional, practical shelf.

This type of shower can have any size and shape, because we do not limit the size of the shower tray. For example, getting a triangular shower is not a problem. It also works well in architecturally complex bathrooms that are difficult to manage. Diversity of composition is the greatest advantage of shower drains.

Stepless transition to the shower section is a highly practical and safe solution, especially for younger or older users, or people with mobility problems (a wide enough space can even accommodate a wheelchair), thanks to which the bathroom adapts perfectly to the individual needs of the household.

Disadvantages of a shower with a linear shower drains

Complicated assembly. In fact, the only problem that a shower does without a shower tray is not easy assembly. It cannot be carried out during ordinary renovation, having the shower of this kind is best planned at the design stage of the whole house. It is also related to the fact that only home owners can afford this type of facility, because in apartments in the block of this solution it is impossible to apply. The assembly is complicated and time-consuming, requires: a special type of sewage approach (in the floor on the ground, in the high-density roof or in the monolithic ceiling), appropriate drainage (linear, point, in some cases arch), waterproofing on the entire floor surface and parts wall surfaces, additional seals and surface drops. That’s the point… People who live in flat usually cannot afford for such great solution like linear shower drainage.

A shower without a shower tray offers many advantages, both on the visual and functional level. If we are able to afford such a solution, both when it comes to financial and housing issues, it is worth adapting them in your bathroom.

Prepared in cooperation with wetroomsdesign.co.uk/linear-drains.

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